May 26, 2007

Kettle Corn

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I recorded the sound of kettle corn being made at the 2006 Nebraska Renaissance Faire.

Listen to the MP3 (2.7 MB)

Harp - Gwen Telynores

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Lincoln, Nebraska musician, Gwen Telynores, plays Brian Boru’s March on the 36 string harp at the 2006 Nebraska Renaissance Faire. Afterwards she talks about the instrument and of using music as therapy to the sick and dying.

Listen to the MP3 (5.1 mb)

July 25, 2005

Wake Up Sleepyhead

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I need a little something extra to help me get up in the mornings. As the years pass, it seems I have to keep uping the ante, as wimply little beep, beep alarms just don’t do the trick.

A few years ago I found Timex electronic alarm clock that had a built-in sound chip where I could record my own wake-up sounds. My daughter has great fun by randomly changing the recorded message to the strangest of volcalizations.

A few months ago I stumbled across a traditional looking analog alarm clock with bells on the top with a dinger that moves back and forth between them. What makes this particular alarm clock remarkably different is its size. It’s comically huge, easily three times larger that what should be normal. The face of the clock has a small-print advisory:

Warning: This alarm will wake you up.

And that it does. Despite its amuzing proportions, it is quite loud.

However, even with my voice-chip alarm, giant mechanical bell alarm, and my wife’s alarm, I still needed something extra to arouse me around 5:30 a.m. I found that my cell phone has a daily alarm, and by setting it to vibrate, it makes the most annoying buzz on my wooden dresser.

In the following recording, you will hear what it sounds like when all four alarms sound. This recording has not been altered or layered in any way. As a bonus, the microphone captured a peal of thunder during the recording.

Listen: 1:42, 1.6mb, 128 kbps MP3

Keywords: alarm, clock, bell, ringer, vibrate, buzz

July 16, 2005

The Fountain at Concordia University

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The fountain at Concordia University
The campus of the charming Concordia University in Austin, Texas, the host of the 53rd convention of the Esperanto League for North America, has a lovely fountain in its common area.

My daughter was especially attracted to the fountain, as she enjoyed dipping her feet in the water during the hot June days.

This fountain has a webcam trained on it. You can watch it in real time from their site. It was fun to call home from my cell phone and and have my wife and son watch us from the web site.

Listen to the recording I made at the fountain and watch the webcam and you’ll feel like you’re there in person.

Listen 1:01, 1 mb, 128 kbps MP3

Keywords: fountain, water

Ocean waves vs. microphone

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On the beach in Galveston
This summer my daughter and I spent a couple of days on the beach at Galveston Island off the Texas coast. While there, I thought it would be a good idea to take my iRiver and microphone into the surf to make an ambient sound recording of the waves.

This worked out pretty well except when a larger than expected wave hit me and nearly ruined the microhone. Yes, that’s me yelling at the end of the recording.

Listen: 2:58, 4.1 mb, 192kbps MP3

Keywords: wind, waves, water, birds, seagulls, splash

June 5, 2005

End of a Hail Storm

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Excitement descended upon the house, quite literally, when I heard a loud noise from the area of my son’s room. He often makes noise for no seemingly apparant reason, so I wasn’t concerned. Almost immediately, Andy rushed into my study and asked breathlessly, “Dad? What was that?”

I knew that a thunderstorm was in progress, so I went outside to investigate. I assumed that perhaps a tree branch had broken off the neighbor’s maple and hit the roof. As soon as I opened the door, it was obvious what had hit the roof. We were in the midst of a hail storm. Chunks of ice were falling everywhere. However, the sound of the impact was quite loud, so I was hoping to find a sizeable hailstone in the yard.

I didn’t find any bowling ball-sized hailstones, but I did witness a few almost as big around as a golf ball, but in more of a disc shape. These made quite a noise as they hit the roof of my and my neighbor’s houses.

I came back in to get my microphone, but almost as quickly as it came, the hailstorm tranformed into an ordinary early summer shower. Captured in this recording is the end of a hailstorm. You’ll hear only a few tiny hailstones hitting the roof, car, and sidewalk. There is a little bit of thunder and traffic noise from a nearby highway. Finally, at the end of the recording, you’ll hear the birds come back out from wherever it is they go during a thunderstorm.

Listen to the MP3

May 30, 2005

Sounds From Rose’s Garden, Conversation with Christopher

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Flower's from Rose's Garden
Memorial Day 2005 saw us at my in-law’s house where my wife’s mom, Rose, keeps a beautiful backyard garden. This garden attracts many birds, including rare hummingbirds and orioles.

While recording the sounds of a circulating water pump and bird chatter, my eight year-old nephew, Christopher, came out to chat. Listen to Christopher talk about the aural acumen of robins, the intelligence of (and sometimes lack thereof) crows, and the strength of bald eagles. You’ll also hear the sounds of a military jet flyover, as my in-law’s live in the same town as the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command base.

Listen to the MP3

May 22, 2005

Foul Ball - Seven Years of Bad Luck for Danny

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Danny hits a foul ball in Fremont, Nebraska and gives himself seven years of bad luck. I suppose it’s immediate bad luck for his coach, who picked a bad place to park his vehicle that day.

I was surprised at how well the microphone picked up the shattering sounds from about 75 feet away. The incessant Nebraska wind overloads the mic a couple of times, causing a strange sound.

Most of the excitement happens in the first 20 seconds or so, but Danny goes on to hit a nice fly, so I let the recording play for about a minute.

Listen to the MP3.

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