June 2, 2006

Helicopter between the buildings in Omaha

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The other morning in Omaha while walking to my office downtown, I heard an amazingly loud sound that drowned out my headphones. It sounded like a helicopter, but assuming that there was nowhere for a helicopter to land, I dismissed it as yet another construction sound from one of the many downtown construction projects.

When I arrived at my fifth floor office, I looked out the window and saw something very strange. An old military style helicopter was hovering over the Brandeis building, in between Omaha’s three largest buildings; the First National Bank tower, the Woodman tower, and the old ConAgra towers. What nerves it must take to fly a helicopter among buildings in a windy city during morning rush hour, lifting heavy objects at the end of a cable.

Fortunately, I had my camera with me and I snapped a few photos through the window. I present a few below at a reduced resolution. If you’d like the full size photos, please contact me.

Now if I’d only had my microphone with me, I would have captured quite an interesting sound.

Downtown Omaha Helicopter 1

Downtown Omaha Helicopter 2

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