August 13, 2005

PeaceFest 2005 - Main Entry

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Each year the Unity Church of Omaha hosts PeaceFest to help raise money for the New Covenant Center’s Peace Education Programs.

Oddly enough, the New Covenant center does not have a web presence, but you can email them at for more information.

On the program were a silent auction with items and services donated by many local Omaha artists, musical performances, poetry readings, and a mime troupe.

PeaceFest 2005 found me with my microphone placed inconspicuously on the seat next to me as I recorded the following performers:

  • Sacred Heart Freedom Choir
  • William Welter and Mike Godfrey - Violin
  • Fritz Thorn - Singer/songwriter, piano
  • Christie Woods - Singer, piano, member of quartet Nu Beginning
  • Sandra Brennan - poet
  • Deb Jennings - piano

I regret that I arrived too late to get a recording of Mike Murphy playing guitar and his Native American flute. The mime troup, Messengers of Christ Mime Ministry were amazing to watch, but the art form didn’t lend itself well to a sound recording.

I’ll post each recording as it’s own entry on the blog, so be sure to come back and check for new posts, or better yet, subscribe to the podcast RSS feed.


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