July 25, 2005

Wake Up Sleepyhead

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I need a little something extra to help me get up in the mornings. As the years pass, it seems I have to keep uping the ante, as wimply little beep, beep alarms just don’t do the trick.

A few years ago I found Timex electronic alarm clock that had a built-in sound chip where I could record my own wake-up sounds. My daughter has great fun by randomly changing the recorded message to the strangest of volcalizations.

A few months ago I stumbled across a traditional looking analog alarm clock with bells on the top with a dinger that moves back and forth between them. What makes this particular alarm clock remarkably different is its size. It’s comically huge, easily three times larger that what should be normal. The face of the clock has a small-print advisory:

Warning: This alarm will wake you up.

And that it does. Despite its amuzing proportions, it is quite loud.

However, even with my voice-chip alarm, giant mechanical bell alarm, and my wife’s alarm, I still needed something extra to arouse me around 5:30 a.m. I found that my cell phone has a daily alarm, and by setting it to vibrate, it makes the most annoying buzz on my wooden dresser.

In the following recording, you will hear what it sounds like when all four alarms sound. This recording has not been altered or layered in any way. As a bonus, the microphone captured a peal of thunder during the recording.

Listen: 1:42, 1.6mb, 128 kbps MP3

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