June 5, 2005

End of a Hail Storm

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Excitement descended upon the house, quite literally, when I heard a loud noise from the area of my son’s room. He often makes noise for no seemingly apparant reason, so I wasn’t concerned. Almost immediately, Andy rushed into my study and asked breathlessly, “Dad? What was that?”

I knew that a thunderstorm was in progress, so I went outside to investigate. I assumed that perhaps a tree branch had broken off the neighbor’s maple and hit the roof. As soon as I opened the door, it was obvious what had hit the roof. We were in the midst of a hail storm. Chunks of ice were falling everywhere. However, the sound of the impact was quite loud, so I was hoping to find a sizeable hailstone in the yard.

I didn’t find any bowling ball-sized hailstones, but I did witness a few almost as big around as a golf ball, but in more of a disc shape. These made quite a noise as they hit the roof of my and my neighbor’s houses.

I came back in to get my microphone, but almost as quickly as it came, the hailstorm tranformed into an ordinary early summer shower. Captured in this recording is the end of a hailstorm. You’ll hear only a few tiny hailstones hitting the roof, car, and sidewalk. There is a little bit of thunder and traffic noise from a nearby highway. Finally, at the end of the recording, you’ll hear the birds come back out from wherever it is they go during a thunderstorm.

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